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Friday Poll: Used games a no-go on PlayStation 4?

A report says you won't be able to play used games on the upcoming PlayStation 4. Are you willing to buy a console that locks out second-hand games?

Sony PlayStation 3
Reportedly, the PS4 won't play PS3 games and it won't play used games, either.

The opinion on used games varies depending on who you talk to. Gamers love to save money and pick up titles for less than full retail. Game developers feel like used game sales are choking the industry.

If a report about the upcoming PlayStation 4 holds true, then the new Sony console could be the first to put the kibosh on used games.

An anonymous source dropped some details to Kotaku. One is that the console is called "Orbis." Another is that it won't be backward-compatible with PlayStation 3 games. Finally, the big tip is that Orbis will have anti-used-game measures built in.

According to the Kotaku source, games will be locked to a single PlayStation Network account. Buyers of second-hand games would then have to pay a fee to unlock or register those used games.

Sony isn't the first company to contemplate putting an end to used games. A report earlier this year said that Microsoft is considering blocking used games on the next version of the Xbox.

As you might imagine, many gamers aren't thrilled with this concept. CNET reader tg-iv sums it up by saying, "I would not have a PS3 if used games did not work on it. No backwards compatibility and an inability to use used games = no sale for me."

If Sony goes through with used-game restrictions, will you still buy a PlayStation 4? Vote in our poll and chat it up in the comments.