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Friday Poll: The best way to read a book in 2010?

Which e-reader do you like best, Crave readers? Or maybe you just prefer old-fashioned paper?

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Reading rites
What's the best way to read a book in 2010?

Gimme a Kindle
Nook me up (geddit!?)
I want a not-so-bad JooJoo
iRead on the iPhone/iPod Touch
Dead-tree editions of popular books, please

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He's not just wearing it to be jolly. He always dresses like this. Matt Hickey

If you'd have told me a year ago that late 2009 would see a new format war brewing, I would have said, "Great, I love a good format war!"

If you'd have told me it would be an e-book format war, though, I might have laughed at you and made fun of your stupid Christmas sweater. Because a year ago the Kindle was the only game in town, and by the looks of it you shop at the Mervyns outlet.

This week we got our hands on the Nook, the tight little e-book reader from Barnes & Noble that's aimed squarely at Amazon's popular Kindle. We also saw the first demo of the controversial JooJoo from TechCrunch Fusion Garage. It's not technically a dedicated e-book reader but that's one of the markets it's aimed for.

In addition, the iPhone and iPod remain popular entries in the category. Like the JooJoo, they're not dedicated devices, but their e-book functionality is available to millions already.

So we'd like to know which, if any, e-book reader you, Crave readers, like best. The Kindle? Nook? JooJoo? iPhone/iPod Touch? Or maybe you just prefer old-fashioned paper? Vote in our poll.