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Friday Poll: Should Sony reimburse gamers for PSN outage?

Millions of gamers have been unable to connect their Sony PlayStation devices to the Internet for an extended period of time. What should Sony do once the problem is fixed?

Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

As you may be aware, Sony's PlayStation Network is down in the dumps. To make matters worse, there is no clear timetable as to when the service will be back online, which is causing great frustration in the gamer community. The timing couldn't be any worse as the weekend approaches.

This isn't the first time a wide-ranging issue has affected the PlayStation 3. An error that completely stopped many versions of the console from functioning around this time last year tested the patience of many, only to be resolved a day later. This time, the error is further-reaching and potentially more disastrous for a company that is already being criticized to the nines.

As the hours and days roll by and gamers are unable to connect to the PlayStation Network, voices tend to get louder. A quick peek on Twitter reveals anger from all over the globe. Gera Rodriguez (@gerarz) tweeted, "Nada como estar de vacaciones con playstation network caido #Psn #epicfail," which loosely means his time off is less enjoyable without being able to play his PS3. And epic fail.

Another user, Eimear McClenaghan (@_Eimear) wrote, "Playstation network isn't working. #wtf somebody come fix it pls." Drew Jones (@drewjones24) simply stated his mood, with "Playstation network is pissin me off." Other tyranty tweets can be found by simply scanning the search string "PlayStation Network" on Twitter.

Sony has yet to get back to us specifically about how it'll reimburse PSN Plus members for the outage. What do you think, if anything, the company should do to compensate for gamers' trouble? Vote in our poll at left.