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Friday Poll: Should BioWare change Mass Effect 3's ending?

Some unhappy fans of the space-bound role-playing game are clamoring for a new ending. Should BioWare listen to gamers and take action?

Mass Effect 3 screenshot
The trilogy ending is upsetting many fans.

No spoilers here, folks. You'll have to look elsewhere for those, but it's no secret that the gaming ranks are getting all hot and bothered by the controversial ending to BioWare's Mass Effect 3.

The ire over the space-bound role-playing game has raised the fan discussion to levels previously reserved for television shows like "Lost" and "The Sopranos." It's left many gamers asking if the conclusion lived up to the prerelease promises.

There are even reports that one disappointed gamer felt so let down that he lodged a false advertising complaint with the FTC.

The ending can actually take three different forms, depending on the choices and actions of the player, but none of those options are satisfying for some fans.

If you're not a gamer and you're wondering what all the fuss is about, keep in mind that many Mass Effect fans have poured more than 100 hours of gameplay time into the trilogy. There are novel and comic book adaptations that fill out the universe. These fans are every bit as dedicated as people who sew their own Star Fleet uniforms.

BioWare has issued a statement saying the company is considering player feedback and hasn't ruled out the possibility of changing the ending. Let's hear your thoughts on the matter.

Should BioWare change the Mass Effect 3 ending? Vote in our poll and share your ideas in the comments.