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Friday Poll: Much ado about 4G?

The CTIA conference this week has been highlighting the coming of fourth-generation wireless connectivity. Are the States ready for 4G, or is it just carrier hype?


4G and me
Are you anxiously awaiting 4G?

No, 3G and Wi-Fi have been fine for me.
Yes, I need the faster speeds and mobility.
I'm interested, but I'm still not sold on the need.
I don't know; all these mobile-data standards confuse me.
It doesn't matter. 5G will be here soon enough, right?
It's moot; I use telepathy and/or smoke signals.

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One thing we've been hearing a lot about at CTIA this week--whether we like it or not--is the coming of 4G.

The United States' CDMA carriers, Verizon Wireless and Sprint, are pressing the notion that they have 4G networks ready while their GSM counterparts--AT&T and T-Mobile--are struggling to keep their 3G networks turned on or even installed.

But does anybody care? For many people, their 3G connection is fast enough, and people are confused enough by the different standards. 4G, for some, will only be more confusing, even to those who think they need it.

So we ask, Crave readers, are you super pumped for 4G?

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