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Friday Poll: Most romantic geek proposal?

The guy who proposed to his girlfriend in the game Super Mario World is just one of a line of smitten suitors who went the geek route when popping the question. What's the most romantic?

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Love, geek style
Which of the following geek proposals do you like best?

"Will you marry me?" showing up in Super Mario
Words engraved on iPod
Marriage proposal tweet
Google Maps display
Diamond ring in Bejeweled
U.S. patent application

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This week, we learned of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend in the game Super Mario World. Using an editing program called Lunar Magic, he put the words "Lisa Will You Marry Me?" inside a game level. And (spoiler alert): she accepted.

iPod proposal
JD Andrews

But that's not the first geeky marriage proposal we've heard of.

Way back in the early days of the Information Superhighway, Slashdot co-founder Rob Malda popped the question to Kathleen Fent on his own "News for Nerds" site.

More recently, one of our readers engraved a proposal on the back of a new iPod Nano. Of course, there are those who have taken the risk of floating the big question via Twitter. We even dug up an awesome patent application for "Method and instrument for proposing marriage to an individual," wherein one Ryan Grace asks for the hand of his true love, Ellie.

If none of those melt your hardened heart, Wired has a few others in its list of five geeky marriage proposals. A couple of our faves include a Google employee who posed the question via Google Maps and a guy who modded his girlfriend's favorite game, Bejeweled, so the jewel pieces formed the shape of a diamond ring. Awww...

So, what's the most romantic geek proposal of them all? Vote in our poll. And surely, some of our inventive readers have told their inamoratas (inamoratos) how they feel in a way only geeks can. Made a Facebook app? Rearranged the keys on your loved one's MacBook? Created a shmoopy comic? Let us know in the TalkBack section below.