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Friday Poll: Most exciting CES happening so far?

CES 2010 still has a ways to go, but if you had to cite your pick for most exciting or noteworthy news out of the gadget blowout so far, what would it be?

CNET's Rafe Needleman says the Parrot AR.Drone is the coolest toy he's ever seen. Parrot

This week can more or less be summed up in three words (or should we say three acronyms?)--CES, CES, CES. It's virtually impossible to keep up with the avalanche of announcements rolling out of the gadget blowout in Vegas, and if your head is spinning as much as ours, you'd be hard-pressed to list your standouts just yet.

But what if your pushy Crave editors told you you absolutely had to cite your pick for the most exciting or noteworthy news out of CES 2010 so far (or else Crave would only post Hello Kitty gadget news for the rest of the month)? What would it be?

Of course, given the surfeit of news out of Sin City and our 3D display-crossed eyes, we surely missed a thing or two in our poll options at right, so be sure to let us know in Talkback below what else caught your attention.