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Friday Poll: Is Siri as advertised?

Apple's iPhone voice assistant is the target of a lawsuit and there are questions over how effective the feature is. How well does Siri work?

Rock God Siri ad
The "Rock God" Siri commercial shows the program working flawlessly.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Chances are, you've sat through a few Siri commercials. A man gets instant traffic updates in his car. A boy gets the news that it's going to snow. A teenager pulls together a garage band rehearsal and gets Siri to call him "Rock God."

In real life, Siri sometimes takes awhile to think of an answer. Sometimes, it doesn't understand what the user is trying to say. Strong accents can be a challenge. Sometimes, its answers are wrong. Sometimes, it works just fine.

One iPhone 4S buyer in California was disappointed and frustrated enough recently to file a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that Siri doesn't work as advertised. That lawsuit has sparked a big discussion about whether Siri is living up to the advertising claims.

Siri is still in beta, but that fact is skimmed over in the advertising materials. Siri was trumpeted as the breakout feature of the iPhone 4S and a continuing volley of Apple ads presses the point.

Now that you've had some time to cozy up and chat with Siri, tell us about your experience, good or bad.

Does Siri work as advertised? Does it understand what you're asking and give accurate answers, or is it stalling out and trying to call you "Rocca" instead of "Rock God?" Vote in our poll and have at it in the comments.

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