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Friday Poll: Is Facebook mobile enough for you?

In the shadow of a less-than-stunning IPO, Facebook now faces questions about its long-term viability, especially in the face of the onward march of mobile technology.

Facebook for iPad log in screen
Facebook for iPad is an app with a rough reputation.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

While Facebook is a pillar of online social media, it hasn't really proven itself to be a moveable feast when it comes to mobile. In a piece this week that got a lot of you talking, CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood looks into how mobile could eventually be the social-media giant's death knell.

Facebook's mobile apps have been notoriously sketchy in quality. It's at the point where I don't even try to download the latest iPad app update, I just use my browser when I want check in on the site.

In IPO documents, the company admitted that mobile is an issue, especially the ability to monetize views coming in from mobile apps.

Facebook is in no danger of immediate collapse, but the trend toward mobile access is undeniable. The IPO documents also included a figure of 425 million monthly active users accessing Facebook on a mobile device in December 2011. That number is only expected to grow.

Facebook may eventually go the way of MySpace. If that happens, a mobile-native replacement may be the hot new commodity that pushes it off the social-media cliff.

This brings us to how you're feeling about Facebook's mobile efforts. Have you given up on the iPad app? Do you use your smartphone's browser to access Facebook rather than tangle with an app?

Here's the big question. Is Facebook mobile enough for you? Vote in our poll and talk about it in the comments.