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Friday Poll: Is AT&T really that bad?

AT&T made a last-place showing in Consumer Reports' annual carrier customer satisfaction survey. Does AT&T deserve the criticism? Share your thoughts.

It's happened again. For the second year running, AT&T has been crowned king of poor customer satisfaction in Consumer Reports' annual survey.

AT&T logo

The findings are based on responses from 66,000 subscribers. AT&T has a healthy customer base of more than 100 million customers, so there are plenty of people who want to weigh in with an opinion of the carrier.

Of the major carriers, Verizon came out on top, with Sprint and T-Mobile close behind. That left AT&T feeling a bit lonely at the bottom of the pack.

One of the biggest complaints dogging AT&T over the last few years is dropped calls, especially in areas with high iPhone use. The carrier has been pouring billions into network upgrades, but that hasn't yet paid off at the customer satisfaction polls.

We want to hear it from you. Is AT&T really that bad or is it just getting picked on? Vote in our poll and hash it out in the comments.