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Friday Poll: How will Apple music event play out?

With Apple's fall music event coming up in days, technophiles are busy tossing around speculation on what will be announced. So, what's the most sure bet?


Apple's big September music event, coming on the first day of next month, is less than a week away. But that still gives us plenty of time to wax philosophical on the whats and wherefores of the company's plans, as many techophiles are already doing.

This year, it's widely expected that Apple will add the "Retina" display and front-facing camera of the iPhone 4 to the iPod Touch. There's also been talk of changes afoot for Apple TV, including a scaled-down device, a much lower price tag of $99, and access to the App Store.

Plenty of other ideas are being tossed around as well: 99-cent TV show rentals, a redesigned iPod Shuffle, an end to the Shuffle, an end to the Classic, an updated version of iTunes, an updated iPad, and an updated Zune (just making sure you're paying attention). The list goes on.

We've culled the speculation into a list of some of most widely discussed possibilities. So, while Wednesday's event will probably produce a number of announcements, which do you think is the surest bet?