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Friday Poll: How loyal are you to your phone brand?

Some people are completely dedicated to their phone brand, whether it's Apple, Samsung, or something else. Tell us just how much in love you are with your smartphone.

Bevy of iPhones
These iPhones seem to inspire a lot of loyalty in their buyers.

Apple fans in the UK recently came out and admitted to having "blind loyalty" to their iPhones. Devotees of particular brands love to throw names at enthusiasts of other brands. You get terms like "Fandroids" and "Apple fanboys" tossed around as intended insults.

All that name-calling plays off the idea that some people are completely dedicated to a particular phone brand. For instance, this guy is already waiting in line for an iPhone 6, before he even knows the first thing about whether or not it's a good buy for his particular needs.

One of the most interesting results of the UK survey was that 78 percent of the 2,000 iPhone owners polled said they "couldn't imagine" having another type of phone. This isn't just to pile onto Apple owners. There are plenty of people who will buy the next Samsung Galaxy, no matter what.

Go ahead and pick up your phone, if you don't already have it in your hand. Look at it. Are you gazing at it lovingly, dreaming ahead to owning its successor? Maybe you're looking at it like it's just another tool, one that could be replaced by any other similarly competent device.

So, just how loyal are you to your phone brand? Vote in our poll, and tell us more in the comments.