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Friday Poll: How do you connect to the Net?

What are you, Crave readers, using to connect to the Interwubs these days. Cable? Fiber? Laser beams from tethered balloons? Vote in our poll.

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Making connections
How are you connecting to the Internet these days?

Cable modem
DSL, man, DSL
Tethering from my phone
Other (explain in the comments section)

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I've been working for hours with Clearwire--the fancy WiMax ISP we mentioned this week--to get my newer, faster Clear modem up and running.

So far, so good. It's faster than my original Clearwire service. And at $30 a month--down from the $55 I was paying with Comcast--it's a pretty good deal; I really don't need 15Mbps from a cable modem, and I don't have a landline for DSL. (Sorry, Quest!)

But that doesn't mean I don't shop around. I'm a fickle consumer when it comes to certain things and broadband is one of them. If Comcast gets a cheaper (albeit, slower) package, I might be tempted to jump ship.

And that got me wondering about what people are using these days. Sure, I could log on to DSL Reports or some other site and check out the metrics, but those are just numbers. I want to know what you, readers, use to connect to the Interwubs. Cable? Fiber? Laser beams from tethered balloons? (A friend of stationed mine in Iraq gets his that way. It's real!)