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Friday Poll: How do new AT&T data plans grab you?

Starting Monday, the word "unlimited" will no longer exist for new smartphone customers. How do you feel about the shift?

CNET News Poll

New data directions
How do you feel about AT&T's new data pricing plans?

Good. I don't use much data so I welcome the savings.
Bad. I plan on keeping my $30-for-unlimited plan forever.
Not sure. I don't know how much data I actually use, so I can't tell yet.
I can see the value, but I wish there was still an unlimited option.
I think the data should be free but ad-supported. No, really.

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AT&T data plans
Matt Hickey/CNET

AT&T surprised us a couple of days ago by totally reformulating its 3G data plans for smartphones. Starting Monday, the word "unlimited" will no longer exist for new smartphone accounts. Instead, the carrier's introduced cheaper, tiered plans that will save light data users money while making hard-core users pony up more for what they're using.

The move, not surprisingly, is eliciting mixed reactions. Some consumers welcome the idea of paying less per month because they simply don't use that much data. Others liked being able to pay a certain amount to not have to worry about tracking how many videos they watch and apps they download--or fret about overages. When it comes to Internet access, they're used to unlimited.

But we're not exactly sure just how the division breaks down. How many people like the new AT&T plans, and how many don't? Vote in our poll, and be sure to sound off in TalkBack below. Also, don't miss Marguerite Reardon's FAQ detailing what the new plans will mean for consumers.