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Friday Poll: How are you prepping for D(TV) Day?

Do you still inhabit analog TV land? With the big digital TV transition coming February 17, 2009, how do you plan to get ready? Take our poll. Poll

Digital TV decisions
How do you plan to handle the DTV transition?

I don't care, I have cable or satellite.
I already watch digital broadcasts on my HDTV.
I'm using my converter box now.
On my to-do list: converter box.
Not worth the hassle; I'm going dark.

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D(TV) Day™ is fast approaching, and according to a new survey, 3 million Americans who rely on analog over-the-air reception will let their sets go "dark" after the transition on February 17, 2009. (Don't worry about them; they'll just sit alone in the dark not watching digital TV.)

But maybe you're not ready to let your 1986 rabbit-eared beauty hop off onto the junk pile. If you're among those still inhabiting analog broadcast TV land, how do you plan to handle the shift to the 21st century? Take our poll, and if none of our answer choices fit, be sure to suggest your own in the Talkback section below. As for the video, it may just make your day.