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Friday Poll: Has Facebook jumped the shark?

Google+ and Pinterest are growing. Are Facebook's glory days already behind it?

Facebook screenshot
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

A lot of things have jumped the shark. The Fonz did it first, literally donning water skis for the stunt and marking the beginning of the end for "Happy Days."

MySpace did it. Even the phrase "jumped the shark" has done it.

And what about the most popular social-networking site? In some people's eyes, Facebook is pulling on its swim trunks and eyeing the big beastie.

Bradley Horowitz, chief of rival Google+, argues that Facebook has already landed on the other side of the shark. Horowitz recently called Facebook out for the way it implements ads and for irritating users and brands alike. Granted, his opinions on this are going to be absolutely biased.

Still, this raises questions about Facebook and its hundreds of millions of users. We all saw how quickly MySpace turned into a wasteland. It's not impossible to imagine a similar mass exodus from Facebook one day.

On the heels of renewed privacy concerns and weak stock performance, Facebook continues to look vulnerable. And yet, I still visit the site several times a day. I keep up with far-flung friends and nearby ones alike. I send my Instagrams there. At the same time, I'm also on Google+, living a dual social-networking life.

Maybe you're a former Facebook addict who has given it up and moved on. Maybe you're on Facebook all the time, constantly updating your status and raking your eyes across the news feed. Do you think Facebook has jumped the shark? Vote in our poll and chat it up in the comments.