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Friday Poll: Does 'Star Trek' really trump 'Star Wars?'

Neil deGrasse Tyson has thrown the weight of his astrophysics opinion behind "Star Trek," but plenty of "Star Wars" fans are ready to disagree. Where do you stand?

Captain Kirk and Luke Skywalker
Kirk versus Skywalker in a fistfight: who wins?
NBC Television/Lucasfilm

Once upon a time, a person could be categorized by the question "Rolling Stones or Beatles?" In geek circles, that question is "'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars?'" There's plenty of crossover, but many fans come down solidly on one side or the other.

Famous geek and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson made a splash this week by spelling out his "Star Trek" love and lack of passion for "Star Wars" in terms of physics (or lack thereof).

Tyson's opinions certainly spawned some heated discussion, with fans standing up for their favorite series. Decades after each franchise first began, they still generate an incredible amount of passion, dedication, and verve.

Tyson's argument that "Star Wars" made no attempt to portray physics accurately at all is an interesting one. It certainly fits with his personality and career. Some people may prefer the philosophizing and moral quandaries of "Star Trek." Still others may really embrace the fantasy elements of "Star Wars."

We don't need to get into sci-fi convention altercations to try to settle our differences. We have the luxury of hashing it out in a poll. Ultimately, die-hard Trekkies aren't likely to convert die-hard "Star Wars" fans into Federation members, and vice versa. It's still fun to discuss it though.

Vote in our poll and back up your opinion in the comments. Then, let's all pour ourselves some Romulan ale, throw some wampa steaks on the grill, and agree that it's pretty darn cool so many of us dig science fiction, regardless of the franchise.