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Friday Poll: Do you want a plastic iPhone?

High-quality photos of what may be the casing for the iPhone 5C are making the rumored plastic iPhone look a lot closer to becoming reality.

Possible plastic iPhone casing
Sonny Dickson rolled out some high-quality images of what could be the new plastic iPhone.
Sonny Dickson

That plastic iPhone everyone has been speculating about is starting to look a lot more concrete, thanks to some freshly leaked photos of the potential casing. The photos aren't fuzzy like shots of Nessie; they're high quality.

The possible plastic iPhone has been dubbed the "iPhone 5C." The photos don't hold much in the way of details, other than showing the plastic outside casing, but they're adding to the anticipation of a low-cost iPhone announcement coming this fall.

Reactions to the images have been mixed. Some readers don't think it will make a splash in the U.S. since many consumers buy subsidized phones on contract. Others think the phone design looks "cheap."

Still, it seems that cheap (or at least cheaper than a regular iPhone) is the whole point of going plastic. Some people are excited about the prospect of having different colors to choose from. Others are just biding their time until seeing if it's a real product, what the specs are, and if it is even intended for the U.S. market.

The iPhone has long sported an aluminum housing as a key component of its external design. A plastic version would be quite a departure, but correspondingly lower prices could be a big lure for budget-conscious shoppers.

You've been hearing about the possibilities for a plastic iPhone for quite a while. Now, it's time to weigh in on your level of desire to put this plastic partner in your pocket. Do you want a plastic iPhone? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.