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Friday Poll: Do you believe in alien UFOs?

UFOs are fake. UFOs are real. UFOs are just weather balloons. UFOs have landed in my backyard. Where do you stand on the spectrum of UFO belief?

This purported UFO was photographed in New Jersey in 1952.

A little over a week ago, I stood at the desert site of a 1964 UFO landing and mused about what might have happened when a Socorro, N.M., policeman saw a strange-looking object take off from an arroyo.

Since then, I've heard from skeptics and UFO believers alike. There are science folks who say, "Show me the proof." There are UFO enthusiasts who firmly believe the aliens have already landed. I haven't heard from any alien abductees yet, but I know they're out there, too.

UFOs have been a hot topic for decades, with no sign of relinquishing their place near the front of public consciousness.

Here are some CNET UFO sightings from the last year: A UFO was towed on a trailer through the streets of Kansas. We eyed pictures of what looks like the Millennium Falcon parked on the floor of the Baltic Sea. We even heard about a mountain in France that some people believe contains an alien spaceship.

Personally, I'm all for UFO sightings. They add some spice to existence. I'm just not convinced that they're the work of aliens. That puts me in the "show me the scientific proof" crowd.

Now we're going to take the UFO temperature of CNET readers. Do you believe in alien UFOs? Vote in our poll and talk about it in the comments. If you've seen a UFO or believe you've been abducted, tell us about the experience. If you're waiting for cold hard scientific evidence, then tell us about that, too.