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Friday Poll: Did stances on tech issues sway your vote?

The election has come and gone and pundits are now in the analysis stage. Give us a personal analysis of your vote. Did tech issues have a say in who you chose?

Photos courtesy of the Obama and Romney campaigns.

Some major technology-related political hot potatoes have been tossed around this past year. The Stop Online Piracy Act may have gotten the most attention.

CNET broke down the presidential candidates' stances on a variety of tech issues before the election. For example, when it came to SOPA, Romney spoke out against it, while Obama danced a little more delicately around the issue.

The election will be shaping the direction of tech-related legislation for several years to come. It has already had an impact by weeding out three SOPA-sponsoring congressmen.

As an informed geek voter, how much did tech issues sway your vote this past Tuesday? We're you thinking about WikiLeaks, Net neutrality, or antitrust regulations when you assessed the presidential (or other) candidates?

Vote in our poll and talk about it in the comments. Especially let us know if a tech issue helped put one candidate above the other in your mind.