Friday Poll: Biggest tech turkey of 2011?

It's been a busy year for tech fails ranging from Sony's PlayStation Network hack-a-thon to Netflix forgetting it needs to please customers. What do you think is the biggest tech turkey of the year?

A story on CNET's top tech turkeys rounded up the 2011 technology equivalents of dropping a Thanksgiving turkey on the floor right in front of a slobbering mastiff while your in-laws look on in horror.

We've had some spectacular tech fails this year ranging from the mildly disappointing (what, no iPhone 5?) to the epic (Sony PlayStation Network hack).

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers jumped ship from Netflix after it flailed around with big price increases and the stunningly ill-thought-out Qwikster spin-off. Now Netflix's stock is taking a nosedive.

Duke Nukem
Should've stayed in bed, Duke. 2K Games

RIM got red in the face after a multiday outage of the BlackBerry network that impacted customers around the world. That didn't help the company's reputation after RIM's quiet year on the hardware front.

You've been trying to wipe it from your mind, but Duke Nukem Forever finally managed to get released into the wild. More than 15 years of waiting resulted in a video game bomb that critics ripped to shreds.

Cisco sunk a huge chunk of change into buying the Flip camcorder business, only to toss it in the trash like a moldy leftover. This came as a surprise to many industry watchers and left a hole in what was left of the consumer camcorder market.

These are just some of 2011's biggest blunders, and we might have missed some. Vote in our poll and tell us in comments what really chapped your hide this year.