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Friday Poll: Best gift for a love-seeking nerd

What could jaded Crave writer Matt Hickey buy himself to attract the perfect geeky girl? Vote in our poll--it's almost Valentine's Day and he needs your help.

CNET News Poll

SWN (single white nerd) seeks...
What would help me attract the perfect geek girl?

iPad with pre-bookmarked
Sexier miniatures for my D&D adventures
Hunky professional pic of myself for Google Buzz flirting
E-book copy of dating guide for my lonely Kindle
A Prius with working brakes and a larger back seat
A bath, followed by a spray tan

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Matt Hickey/CNET

A year ago, I was a bitter, jaded single guy tasked with writing a Valentine's Day poll for geeks. Here we are, a full year later, and I feel just the same, thanks for asking.

But instead of focusing on the best geeky gifts that you, readers, could get your wonderful, amazing significant others, I want to know what I, as a single nerd, could get myself to attract the perfect geek girl. Or at least make myself feel better. What should I buy during my next round of retail therapy?

Or maybe you have better ideas. If so, please include them in the comments section below. I'm listening.