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Friday Poll: Are you sticking with Instagram?

First, Instagram seemed ready to stake a claim to users' photos. Then, Instagram backed off, but not before upsetting a ton of people. Is the apology enough to get you to stay?

Instagram blog post
Oh look, it's an Instagram of the Instagram apology.
Amanda Kooser/CNET

Instagram and its owner Facebook really stepped into it this week. A new terms of service update set to go into effect on January 16 would have given Instagram the right to sell users' photos or use them in ads.

As you might expect, the prospect of Instagram running rampant with photos didn't sit well with its 100 million users. The interest in escaping Instagram grew, with nearly 6,000 readers sharing over Facebook CNET's instructions for backing up and deleting their Instagram accounts.

It took a little while, but Instagram finally coughed out an apology and backtracked on the new terms. In a blog clarifying its intentions, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom wrote, "To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear."

Some users weren't impressed. "Too little, too late," wrote CNET reader ImageStealer. Reader ebj3k wrote, "I deleted my account and won't be going back." That sums up the sentiments of some users who have jumped ship for rival services that offer alternatives for getting your mobile photo filtering fix.

A couple of days later, the braintrust at Instagram decided enough was enough and announced it was returning to the company's original 2010 terms of service.

After the Instagram terms of service kerfuffle and subsequent apology, how do you feel about the photo service? Maybe you got the heck out of Instagram dodge and don't plan to return. Maybe the whole fuss didn't bother you much in the first place. Are you sticking with Instagram? Vote in our poll and share your plans in the comments.