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Friday Poll: Are Android phones upgradeable enough?

The upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade to the Android OS has potential users salivating, but it's uncertain whether many phones will get the update. This issue has cropped up before. Are Android phones upgradeable enough?

Android's latest dessert-themed operating system is coming out soon in the form of Ice Cream Sandwich. Some existing Android phones may be left out in the cold, though.

We know the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy Nexus should have the OS at launch, but that leaves gobs of older phones with no clear upgrade path.

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A recently released study claims that many Android phones have a rocky history of getting the latest OS upgrades. A lot of this can be traced to the quirks of individual phone manufacturers and carriers, many of which have customized the OS for their particular devices.

That can leave some hiccups along the trail from Google's release of a new OS to the end user's phone.

This has left a lot of people wondering if their phones are getting an upgrade or if Ice Cream Sandwich will be withheld as if they refused to eat their Brussel sprouts at dinner.

For many, it may be a waiting game to see if and when their phones are eligible for the latest Android OS snack.

Tell us what you think. Are Android phones upgradeable enough? Vote in our poll and hash the matter out in the comments.