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Friday Poll: 10-inch Tab to take on iPad?

If indeed there is a larger Galaxy Tab version coming, one that can rival the iPad's 10-inch screen, would it be worth considering?

Right now we're all following the rumors that Google might have another Nexus phone on its way, one perhaps made by Samsung that was leaked via Best Buy's Web site. But it's not the only mystery Samsung device floating around today.

At the FPD International 2010/Green Device 2010 trade show in Chiba, Japan, this week there's a mystery 10.1-inch, super-slim (1.8 mm!?) Samsung "ereader" being shown off. It's sporting a new flexible type of AMOLED display, but the prototype e-reader, instead of showing a book, is showing a very Galaxy Tab-like video call. Could this be an early version of a larger Tab to compete head-to-head with the iPad?

We're not sure, but don't look for it anytime soon. According to Tech On!, Samsung says that the amazing new screen is still at least two years from reaching the market. But it does show that the maker has been experimenting with tablets in other larger form factors than the 7-inch Tab that will be hitting most U.S. carriers in the next week.

So how does this make you feel about the Galaxy Tab? If indeed there is a larger version coming, one that can rival the iPad's 10-inch screen, would it be worth considering to you, the Crave readers?