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French Digital Kitchen: HAL 9000 meets Jacques Pepin

Smart kitchen uses a computer and sensors embedded in ingredients and utensils to teach you cooking skills and French at the same time. Better start softening the butter.

French Digital Kitchen
Sorry, french fries aren't on the menu.
French Digital Kitchen

I know enough French to order two croissants and buy a bottle of wine. That successfully got me through a week in Paris, but I could improve my skills astronomically if I got a French Digital Kitchen.

Newcastle University in England has installed this kitchen, which is designed to helps students learn a language and gain some cooking skills at the same time. PBS should be all over this.

Utensils with sensors
These utensils sense that you don't know oeufs from escargot. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Everything from the mixing bowls to the peelers to the flour and sugar have embedded sensors that work under the same concept as a Nintendo Wii. The computer knows where the tools are and what motions are being made.

The computer gives you instructions in French and tracks your progress as you work your way through a recipe. It's like a GPS for making crepes and Croque Monsieur.

If the computer senses that your chopping skills aren't up to snuff, it will prompt you to try again. It's HAL 9000 crossed with Jacques Pepin. Anybody want to option the movie rights for that?

The Newcastle University team that developed the kitchen has come up with portable units and plans to expand the learning system to other languages.

That means your kitchen may some day yell "schnell!" at you as you make spatzle. I can't wait!

(Via Gizmag)