Frank Underwood invades Westeros in 'House of Thrones'

If there's one man who could whip all those schemers and whiners in "Game of Thrones" into shape, it's Frank Underwood. A new video shows just how the "House of Cards" antihero would go about it.

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco
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They might be able to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but can the Baratheons survive a visit from Frank Underwood? Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET
Backstabbing. Lying. Murdering. Cheating. Politics. What TV show does that bring to mind for you?

If you said "Game of Thrones," you're right. Oh, and if you said "House of Cards," you're right too.

Maybe that's why sandwich seller Quiznos decided to put the two shows together in "House of Thrones," a clever new video mashup that sees Frank Underwood smooth-talking his way through Westeros and making quick work of competitors who obstruct his path to the Iron Throne. As he puts it in the introduction to the video, "Why have one little ole presidency when you can have seven entire kingdoms?"

The video sees actor Ross Marquand, who does an impeccable job impersonating Underwood, giving Arya stark a bad haircut, scorching the khaleesi with his pet dragon Stamper, and tossing a member of the Night's Watch off The Wall after distracting him by saying, "It's freezing. So why in the world would Ygritte be taking her shirt off?"

The Lannisters aren't free from Underwood's scheming either. Tyrion gets a string of short jokes directed at him with that classic Spacey smoothness, and Jaime loses his other hand as fake Frank barely bats an eye.

Marquand also stars in the Rainn Wilson-produced YouTube show "The Impression Guys," in which he and costar Jim Meskimen show off their uncanny abilities to morph into a whole host of different characters. To check it out, I recommend the first few minutes of Episode 2, where the duo bounce back and forth as detectives interrogating a suspect. I never thought golem would make such an effective cop.

But that of course, is after you watch this unforgettable episode of "House of Thrones." Westeros will never be the same.