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Foul ball smashes into man using iPad as camera

Is it really necessary to use an iPad as a camera? At one softball game in Northern Iowa, an iPad user is made to think twice about the iPad as Canon. But not for long.

Here it comes.
MsMiataMiss/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some things I still can't come to terms with.

You know, like the members of Senate being all millionaires.

Then there are people who use their iPad as a camera. I know you can do that, but it doesn't mean you should, any more than you should drive your F-150 through the front door of a drive-through McDonald's.

The iPad as a camera feels like the shoulder pad as an expression of style.

I am, therefore, in some shallow sense, grateful to Busted Coverage for directing me to this video of a women's softball game at the University of Northern Iowa.

Here we see an older gentleman, his iPad thrust before him, ready to capture the action.

The action, though, is a little quicker than he is. For a foul ball smacks his iPad hard and, no doubt, spoils the shot.

You might think the iPad would suffer damage. You might think the gentleman would be deterred from reassuming his position.

You might also think that North Korea regularly holds square dances for its officer cadre.

It may well be that the netting slightly softened the blow of the ball upon the iPad. It may also be that the gentleman believed that no foul ball could possibly strike anything as unobtrusive as his iPad again. So life rolled on.

I am sure the pictures were worth the trouble.