Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail for free

If you're making a switch, you can get your old e-mail in your new in-box.

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Recently, Karan wrote in and asked:

I want to forward all of my e-mail automatically onto Gmail, which Yahoo won't do unless I sign up to its premium version that I cannot afford. Is there a third-party way of automatically forwarding all incoming e-mail to Gmail from Yahoo?
Yes Karan, there is--sort of.

First, go to your Yahoo address and set up a notice that will tell people of your new address.

Go to Options, then "Mail Options" in Yahoo. Select "Vacation Response." Check the box marked "Enable auto-response during your vacation." Set the end date as far out as you can. And write a short note explaining what's up.

I have two methods for actually forwarding the e*mail without paying for Yahoo plus. They each are met with varying success.

This first method works for me, but not for everyone.

Go to Gmail

Click settings.

Choose Accounts and Import.

Under Check Mail Using POP3, click Add a POP3 account

Enter your Yahoo address. Press Next.

Put in your password. Press Add Account

It'll take a bit, but in a few minutes, your Yahoo e-mail should start showing up in your Gmail in-box.

As I said, that worked for me and I don't pay for Yahoo Plus. But it didn't work for a test account I opened new. The second method you can try involves running some programs on your Windows computer. This means that e-mail will only be forwarded when your computer is on and connected to the Internet.

Download these two programs: Easy e-mail forwarding from Windows only, sorry Mac folks.

Ypops from

Install and run Ypops. This is probably a program you want to run any time you boot Windows.

Now install and run Easy Email Forward

Here's how to configure it.

1. Right click the Easy e-mail icon in the system tray and click Mail Settings.
2. Under Application, check Run at start-up.
3. Click the small red folder icon for accounts setup
4. In the accounts management window, put in your yahoo e-mail address
5. Under Account Type, select YPOPS.
6. Enter your Yahoo password
7. In Forward To, enter your Gmail address
8. You need to enter an SMTP address. Any one will do. If you have e-mail account from your ISP, use it. If you can't find one, use Gmails. It's port 465 with SSL. Enter your SMTP username and password. And check Needs auth.
9. Click save. And close the accounts management window

Once you close the Easy Email window it will by default check Yahoo for mail to forward every five minutes

If your SMTP mail server needs SSL security, like Gmail does, you'll need a couple files known as DLLs to make sure it works

Look in the Easy Email readme file for a link to the DLLs.

Download the two DLLs and put them in your Windows system directory.

Now all of your Yahoo e-mail should be forwarded to your Gmail account. You can open the Mail Settings again and press the "Check For New Mail (Test Settings) button, to make sure it works. The thing is, this didn't work for me, though it did for lots of other people.