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Former Microsoft lawyer Neukom to head SF Giants

William Neukom, Microsoft's top lawyer during its landmark antitrust trial is slated to take over as managing general partner of the baseball team, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

William Neukom, the Microsoft lawyer best-known for his role in the landmark antitrust case against the software giant, is now set to take on a bunch of Pirates (and Dodgers and Cubs).

Neukom, according to a report Friday in the San Francisco Chronicle, is set to become managing general partner of the San Francisco Giants, replacing Peter Magowan, who plans to step down from that role at the end of the season.

A Giants representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Neukom, who has also headed the American Bar Association, announced in November 2001 that he would step down as Microsoft's top lawyer that same year, to be succeeded at the company by Brad Smith.

Neukom had been a partner at the law firm of Bill Gates' father before joining Microsoft in 1985, and he returned to the firm after leaving Microsoft in 2002.