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Fork-mounted sauce syringe delivers heat to each bite

The Utensilmate transforms an ordinary piece of silverware into a hot-sauce delivery system that loads up each forkful of food with delicious condiments.

Dinnertime is about to get weird. Utensilmate

I like spicy foods. I look for excuses to build green-chile mountains on my dinner plate. I keep a supply of hot sauces handy. But I would never have dreamed up the Utensilmate, one of the oddest food-related gadgets to appear on the crowdfunding scene. It's a strange mix of syringe, sauce container and silverware created with the purpose of delivering a peppy amount of condiment to each and every bite of food.

To prep the Utensilmate, you dip the nozzle into any sort of sauce and suck the liquid up into the built-in reservoir. Next, you slide a fork, spoon or spork into the magnetic holder until the nozzle is positioned over the business end of the silverware. You slide the little red knob downward to squirt sauce onto your food.

The embedded magnets mean the Utensilmate isn't dishwasher safe. It should work with any nonchunky condiment, whether you're into hot sauces, salad dressings or soy sauce. The entire capacity is 1.5 ounces, which may be a little on the skim side for people who are capable of drinking whole bottles of sauce.

The Utensilmate is vying for attention on Kickstarter, where it has raised nearly $2,600 toward an $18,000 goal with 26 days left to run. There are still $15 (about £10,AU20$) early-bird pledge spots available. As with any crowdfunding project, backers need to consider if the product will be delivered as expected.

Utensilmate is a bit bulky. It looks a little tricky to keep clean. You have to operate the gadget before each bite, which takes time away from snarfing down your food. People might stare while you eat. But the Utensilmate is also extremely amusing and may find a life as a novelty product and a valued tool in the hands of gadget-loving hot-sauce addicts.

Dial in the right amount of condiment. Utensilmate