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Forget needles. 'Please' delivers drugs via lasers

Using a laser system, Please (Painless Laser Epidermal System) creates micropores on the skin through which a stick-on patch delivers medication.

Please injection system
Please Home is a handheld laser device for at-home users like diabetic patients.
Pantec Biosolutions

I've always envied people who can get injections without flinching, as somehow, seeing a needle enter the skin gives me the jitters. This is probably the reason intravenous drug abuse has never appealed to me (next to the addiction and death issues, of course).

But thanks to Pantec Biosolutions and its Please (Painless Laser Epidermal System) device, getting a jab may no longer require the doctor to chase after a 33-year-old man shrieking down the hospital halls.

Using a laser system, the device creates micropores on the skin through which a stick-on patch delivers drugs into the body. This works in much the same way vaccines were performed in the early years, when the skin where medication was "injected" was scratched using a sharp tool.

For Please, the laser is delivered in short pulses and does not cause thermal damage. Moreover, since the pores do not reach the dermis layer where nerves and blood vessels reside, no pain or bleeding is involved.

Please injection system
Please Professional is a desktop unit that can create more micropores in less time so patients can be "injected" faster. Pantec Biosolutions

The product comes in two models: Please Home and Please Professional. The former is meant for home users like diabetic patients, with the doctor or medical staff presetting the poration parameters for the required dose. The Professional model is a desktop unit that can create more microporations in a shorter time so more patients can be "injected" faster. Moreover, this device is also capable of hard tissue (i.e. finger and toe nails) ablation for specific medical treatments.

The product has just been certified for the European market. Check out the video below on how the Please pleases those who hates needles.

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(Source: Crave Asia)