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Forget cash. Pay with your Go watch

RumbaTime's Go watches have contactless payment chips and medical info in a colorful timepiece.

No time for cash? Wave your Go watch for contactless payment.

"Carry less + live more" is how the RumbaTime Go might be marketed if it gets off the ground.

This standard digital watch comes with a contactless payment chip on the back so you can ditch your wallet. It also has a medical ID number in case you end up on the ground yourself.

It's now a Kickstarter project by RumbaTime, which makes low-cost timepieces that recall the Swatch craze of the 1980s.

The Go is based on a partnership with Vitaband, which sells medical ID straps and annual subscriptions to its emergency information service for about $40.

Paramedics can call the Vitaband phone number printed on the watch, give the medical ID number printed below it, and get info on allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.

The cashless payment is based on Visa Paywave technology for use with a Visa prepaid card.

The Go might be especially handy for active people who don't want to carry more than an MP3 player when jogging or biking, as seen in the promo vid below.

The water-resistant timepiece would come in seven colors, carry a strap of medical-grade silicone, and sell for $35.

RumbaTime VanDam GO from Jordan Reeves on Vimeo.