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Ford exec: Internet needs to rev up

In an interview with CNET, Ford's K. Venkatesh Prasad talks about how the car is being transformed by, and is itself transforming, the Internet.

TRUCKEE, Calif.--Although the Internet is coming quickly to the car, more work is needed to create services that will be of use to drivers who need to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

So far, most of the work in the area of in-car technology has centered around connecting with cell phones and offering maps and entertainment, but many say this is just the beginning of a radical transformation of the passenger car.


"The Internet has been tuned to zero miles per hour," Ford senior technical leader K. Venkatesh Prasad told CNET in an interview at the Techonomy conference here.

And even as Ford and other companies work to offer more services to the car, the vehicle itself is being eyed for its ability to benefit the larger infrastructure. For example, several companies are working to see how electric cars might someday be able to store electricity that could later be brought back into the grid if needed.

"The car is a component in a much larger system," Prasad said.

The full video interview is embedded below.