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For science: The ultimate Portal bedroom

Ever fallen in love with a game so hard you didn't ever want to leave it? One Portal fan is living the dream.

BlondeChell's ingenuity at finding low-cost solutions to bring her dream to life, as well as her attention to detail, have resulted in a space any Portal fan couldn't help but love.

Some videogame worlds are just incredible. From Hyrule to Columbia, from the instant you set (virtual) foot inside, you'd be happy to stay there forever.

Although the Aperture Science laboratories aren't necessarily on the same scale, the world and backstory of Portal are rich, and the character of Chell so full of possibility and strength, that we couldn't blame anyone for wanting to spend more time there.

Especially a fan who goes by the Reddit handle BlondeChell. After acquiring her own home where she could do whatever she liked, her penchant for interior decorating and Portal led her to create her very own Portal-themed room.

But not just any old slapdash affair.

"I spent hours searching on the Internet, looking to see if anybody else had done a Portal-themed bedroom yet," BlondeChell said. "And while they had, and there were some cool ones, most of them either erred on the side of 'Too video-gamey-looking' or 'Not Portal enough.' So I issued myself a challenge: to design a Portal-themed bedroom that while obviously Portal, would also be designed well enough a non-gamer would still look at the aspects and go 'Hey, that's a really neat-looking room!' rather than 'What's up with all the weird stuff on the walls?'"

In all, the project took many months, including hand-creating various elements, acquiring props such as Portal guns and turrets, and having a friend, electronics engineer Steve Gilbertson, help build actual real portals (well, almost) to hang on the walls.

Although BlondeChell said she didn't want the room to be too "videogamey," we think the result is unmistakeably Portal -- looking like it was sucked right out of the screen and into real life.

Like what you see? Head on over to BlondeChell's Portal bedroom Web page to see how you can make one for yourself.

(Source: Crave Australia)