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For nerdy proposals, a ring box with video, audio

Were I the marrying kind, I'd consider using this box. And then I'd think better of it.

With my luck, I'd accidentally load it up with porn.
KJ Global

We've featured our share of geeky marriage proposals (and even weddings) on Crave over the last couple of years, but they generally revolve around the unique, geeky ways the asker asks the askee the big question. Not much attention has been paid to the physical element of most proposals: the ring itself.

Thankfully, we've found this Ivy Carat multimedia ring box. It's the size and shape of your normal ring case, but it has 128MB of storage, a 2-inch full-color LCD screen, and a small speaker. When opened, the box displays a short video or photo on the screen, with full audio playback.

A suitor can choose what the box will display, and it even comes with software (that we're guessing only runs on Windows PCs) to convert whatever video one puts together to the appropriate 3GP format, which is then loaded via USB.

The battery is rated for three hours of playback and is also charged via the USB port. Of course, if your potential other half hasn't said yes in three hours, you might want to rethink your plans.

The multimedia ring box is available in the U.K. for 80.71 pounds, which comes out to about $125 (about $120 too much for a box for an engagement ring). I mean, $120 is more than this writer would pay for a ring. But, then, that perhaps becomes No. 331 on the list of reasons why he's not married.

(Via OhGizmo)