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For modders who march to a different beat

Spotswood comes out with a bigger model for cooling gear.

Spotswood Custom Computers

Some cynics out there might have thought the drum cases from Spotswood Custom Computers were just silly novelty items. Au contraire: Not only have they been popular, but there's a new model that's bigger and--depending on one's point of view--better than ever.

The L-24 is part of the company's "water-cooling" line, measuring 24 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep. That's big enough to house 12 fans, "three triple-fan water-cooling radiators, extra-long graphics cards, a 1600W (or larger) power supply, two 5.25-inch CD/DVD drives and 15 3.5-inch hard drives," according to GeekAlerts, as well as "ample room for pumps, reservoirs, and tubing." (Is this a computer or a plumbing system?)

It's a wonder that they've stuck with the maple veneers for the drums themselves. With all that water running through them, we'd worry about wood rot.