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For lazy pasta lovers

USB invades the kitchen, powering appliances like the USB Noodle Strainer.

File this under "for the ridiculously lazy"--a rapidly growing category of late.

USB-powered devices are slowly rising to the iPod case's level of ubiquity. Who isn't selling one of these? It may be because no one is feeling the urge to do anything more than an arm's length from a keyboard any more.

USB Noodle Strainer

Case in point: Gearlog has a USB Noodle Strainer that, quite honestly, resembles a foot bath. It's for making cold soumen noodles when you're presumably too engrossed in battling virtual armies of the undead, or are allergic to kitchens, though the two groups may not be mutually exclusive.

In addition to straining the noodles, the center section of this $120 gadget is divided to hold toppings for your feast.

Good luck not spilling food on your computer.