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For Intel, home is where the Viiv is

Chipmaker's new branding campaign aims to make it easier to identify PCs geared for recording TV shows or playing music.

The word for homes, according to Intel, is Viiv.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant is expected to unfurl a new branding campaign on Wednesday aimed at making it easier for home consumers to identify PCs geared for recording TV shows or playing music. The campaign will revolve around PCs with the Viiv sticker.

The Viiv sticker, similar in function to the Centrino sticker found on Intel-powered mobile notebooks, will essentially inform consumers that the processor, chipset and software found on a particular PC have been tested together and can perform distinct tasks, such as recording TV shows, without much of a hitch, according to sources.

The difference is that the Centrino sticker indicates that the PC in question includes an Intel processor, an Intel chipset and a Wi-Fi receiver tested and/or manufactured by the company. The Viiv sticker indicates that the PC contains an Intel processor, a chipset and a software stack for performing specific functions. In the past year or so, Intel has increasingly promoted its own homegrown software for entertainment tasks.

Historically, in this sort of marketing campaign, Intel gives marketing funds to computer makers that put the appropriate sticker on their PCs.

Ideally, the company hopes to use the campaign to get consumers to start considering PCs as a central part of their home entertainment experience, said Eric Kim, Intel's chief marketing officer. Kim laid out the general outlines of the strategy, but did not state the brand. Other sources close to the company, however, did state the name.