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Footy McFooty Face leads poll for soccer team's name

Social Cues: When San Diego asks the internet to name a possible MLS expansion team, the voters don't disappoint.

Leading in the polls by more than 1,000 votes, it's Footy McFooty Face.

Stop me if you've heard this plot before.

An organization starts a poll trying to come up with a name for something. It could be a boat, or a newborn gorilla. And the internet responds with Blanky McBlankface. Hijinks ensue.

It all started with Boaty McBoatface. Now, San Diego could have a new soccer team named Footy McFooty Face. A group there is vying for an official Major League Soccer team, and decided to crowdsource the name.


Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about on social media.


On SoccerCity San Diego's Facebook page, the organization hosted a poll. So far, Footy McFooty Face is the people's champion, with 1,711 votes, blowing out the competition.

Footy McFooty Face has more than five times the number of votes as the second-place suggestion, "San Diego Surf." It has more votes than the 19 other candidates combined. The final round of voting started Friday and ends March 31. The top 10 names from this voting round will be submitted to MLS for review.

On Facebook, people are commenting that the group should remove Footy McFooty Face from the poll.

"I'm really hoping Footy McFooty Face is not going to represent our San Diego team. That is extremely embarrassing and now I feel like people won't take our San Diego team serious," Valerie Montoya wrote on their Facebook post.

SoccerCity SD appears to blame the influx of votes for Footy McFooty Face on Reddit traction. But a campaign for Footy McFooty Face is also growing on Twitter.

San Diego's possible soccer team now has the same dilemma that Britain's National Environment Research Council faced last year: Go with a ridiculous name, or reject the will of the people?

While Boaty McBoatface was the clear winner of the group's poll, it ended up naming the research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough, and giving the championed name to a drone submarine on board.

Go for the goal, Footy McFootyface. The internet is rooting for you.

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