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Football coach resigns after posting nude Facebook photo

A high school football coach intends to post a nude photo to his girlfriend on Facebook. Instead, it is publicly visible. Ten minutes is enough for a parent to see it.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Pride in one's body can sometimes come before a fall in one's status.

This is something being possibly experienced by high school football coach Paul Withee. As WMTV in Maine undresses it, Withee, coach at South Paris Comprehensive High School, was keen to send his girlfriend a picture of himself.

He chose as his medium Facebook, not always the safest of options.

Perhaps Withee wasn't entirely sure of the privacy settings, something in which he would not be alone. For the picture ended up being visible to all of his friends. One of them happened to be a student, who showed to picture to one of his parents.

The picture was only up for 10 minutes, but that was enough for scandal to ensue. For this picture was one in which he was naked.

The parent reported it to the school, which began an investigation. Withee, a math and science teacher, decided it was best to leave his post.

One can imagine that some parents might have been appalled to discover a nude image of a teacher that might have been visible to many students as well as others.

Yet some might have sympathy with the idea that Withee was merely trying to send a picture to his girlfriend and didn't manage to do it securely.

He has chosen not to speak after his resignation, so one can't be sure exactly what might have confused him. Perhaps he was merely so enthusiastic to send the shot that he didn't stop to think whether his privates would be private.

In any case, why not simply text? Why not e-mail? They surely have a chance of being far more private-- unless the receiver decides to promulgate the contents further.

I know Facebook tells us that, in the future, everything will be social. But incidents such as this only show that, most certainly, everything should not be social at all.