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Foot Hammock cuddles your toes under your desk

Take the art of chilling out at your desk to the next level by installing a heated hammock for your feet.

Foot Hammock
Rest your barking dogs in this hammock. The Foot Hammock

You've heard of full-body hammocks. You've heard of cat hammocks. Now it's time feet got in on the chill-out action. The Foot Hammock Kickstarter project wants to help you kick back at your desk, keep your feet warm and give you a chance to stretch your legs while you work or game.

The Foot Hammock attaches to the underside of your desk using brackets held in place by industrial-strength adhesive. Adjustable straps let you raise and lower the hammock. The hammock is available in three different models, in order of rising awesomeness: mesh for use with shoes, cozy fleece for loving up on your bare feet and electric-heated fleece for people with cold toes.

The basic mesh hammock is going for a $20 pledge (about £13, AU$25). The electric-heated fleece hammock tops out at a $40 pledge (about £26, AU$49).

As the owner of a standing desk with a tall stool for occasional sitting, I'm a little envious of the people with straight-up sitting desks who can crank up a heated foot hammock and relax all day long. It could work in conjunction with my stool, but I'm constantly shifting positions. There's also a good chance my CNET test cats would claim it for their own, especially if it's heated.

If you're willing to fight off your office cats and like the idea of having your feet suspended in the air under your desk, you're probably a good candidate to join the project's legion of backers. The campaign's original $15,000 goal has been handily defeated with over $51,000 raised and 26 days left to go. Apparently, there's a pent-up demand for under-desk foot slings, which is understandable. It certainly looks comfy.

Foot Hammock in action
Sit back, stretch out and relax. The Foot Hammock