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Foaming at the mouth: A CraveCast wrap-up and debrief

The CraveCast is a geek gabfest where Crave writers chat about their stories and answer reader questions. After this month's BYOB tacos-and-zombies hangout, we've got some questions on our minds.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

This week's CraveCast was fun, crowded, and went by too fast, and you might now be plagued by lingering questions, such as where did all my money go and how exactly do my gut microbes know to demand fried Twinkies?

As always, there's more to discuss post-CraveCast, and we'd love to hear from you. Pros and cons of being followed by beer-delivering drones?

Of course, Bonnie Burton raised the important subtopic of what type of "Simpsons" episode this tech will give rise to. Homer winning a Duff Beer selfie? Or, as @OMGEddieFTW suggested, a Duff Drone segment in annual Treehouse of Horrors Halloween episode? Will it be like "The Birds" -- with beer?

Another topic worth investigating further is the apparently well-known phrase "useless as a chocolate teapot." As we suspected, this seems to be British, though the British don't seem that familiar with it either. One would almost think it had been invented simply because it's fun to test out just how useless a chocolate teapot really is. In fact, prior to the test covered by Amanda Kooser, a different set of experimenters tried it in 2010. Their pot is not as elegant-looking and their tea was sweeter, but the proof of concept is there. Maybe Kari, Grant, and Tori should start a testing cliches. What good is a wet noodle? What actually happens when you have ants in your pants?

Finally, we apologize for critiquing the sanitation aspects of Vanilla Ice serving ice cream in a tank top and yet giving cats a pass for working in pizza kitchens without wearing hairnets (as @akooser's cats insist on doing, apparently.) This was a mistake; it will not happen again.

(Speaking of health and safety risks, which sounds more dubious: hypercolor ice cream that changes color as you lick it, or an arcade driving game that dispenses beer?)

Our CraveCasts have covered food & drink, games & cons, summer movies, fall TV, a smorgasboard of other stories, and my personal favorite, space (with Michelle Starr Skyping in from Australia!). Let us know if you've got a topic you want us to take on in October, and come hang out in the chat room. We'll have cleaned out the crumbs by then.

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