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Flying gets real with new MetalStrike joysticks

New joysticks with feedback vibration make simulation games seem more realistic.

The MetalStrike FF joystick makes simulation games seem more realistic.

It's nothing new that game consoles' controllers provide feedback for in-game actions. PC gamers, however, have for a long time had to rely mostly on the static mouse and keyboard. And that would be very boring for simulation games, such as Microsoft's Flight Simulator X.

The situation's now changing with products like the new MetalStrike series joysticks that Genius announced Tuesday. The MetalStrike FF ($69.99) features a force feedback function, where the joystick vibrates when the user bumps, crashes, or shoots while playing air combat games that simulate real flight action. The MetalStrike Pro ($39.99) features different levels of vibration feedback. And the MetalStrike 3D ($26.99) is for those who don't like feedback functions at all.

All of the new joysticks have 13 programmable buttons, an eight-way "point of view" switch, and a turbo function for autorepeat, so the user can fly an aircraft just like a real plane. Each joystick also has a four-axis design including the rudder, which is ideal for simulated flight games, providing Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, and Power controls.

The new joysticks are available now for you to get your game on.