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Floating Record Vertical Turntable turns vinyl on its side

Elevate the art of listening to records to a new angle with a vertical turntable that shows off the disc as it spins.

Vinyl is the star of this sound system. Gramovox

There is no reason why your vinyl has to sit there like a pancake, spinning around and taking up all sorts of space as you listen to it. The Floating Record Vertical Turntable from Gramovox on Kickstarter plays your precious Barry Manilow albums in a much more dramatic fashion than a regular record player.

If you took an average record player and set it on its side, you would have all sorts of problems, not the least of which is that the record would fall off. The Floating Record solves this issue with the use of a clamp that holds the album in place vertically. A belt spins the record and the custom carbon-fiber tone arm uses a spring to apply the force that keeps it in touch with the album's surface.

Speakers mounted into the wood base make the Floating Record a self-contained audio system, but it can also be hooked into an existing sound system, bypassing the built-in speakers. The player can handle both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records. The alignment of the belt lets you select the speed.

Vertical turntables aren't a brand-new concept, but the Floating Record may be the most gorgeous version yet created. The wood base and sense of space all around the album give it the air of modern art. It's been more than enough to get Kickstarter backers excited. The project stomped its initial $50,000 funding goal and is now up over $220,000 (and rising) in pledges with 33 days left to go.

Vinyl is not forgotten in this digital age. Record sales are up and LPs have found a comfortable niche coexisting with digital music libraries. An MP3 will never give a music lover the same sense of physical joy as handling a record. The Floating Record just wants to make the whole experience more artistic.

Floating Record
The Floating Record is an artsy way to play vinyl. Gramovox