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Flipit! powers USB devices when outlets are taken

Clever design of USB charger lets you juice your device even when all AC outlets are in use.

It's like having a third outlet in your pocket. Or something. FlipIt!
Yeah, I'm totally that guy. Sorry. Matt Hickey/CNET

As you can see in the photo at right, I'm a power hog. I just unplugged the "No Commies Allowed" sign at my favorite bar coffee shop so I could juice up both my laptop and my iPad. But if I had this clever new Flipit! USB charger I could have all the USB power I want without having to put up with the comrade next to me making plans to take over the world.

It's a standard USB charger, like the ones that come with most cell phones nowadays, but instead of taking up a socket, it has a neat pass-through feature that lets you charge your device even when all AC outlets are in use. It powers out at 5V, which is standard for USB ports and what most cell phones use. It's not quite powerful enough to charge some devices, like iPads, but for most uses it's just right.

It's available now for $15 from the Flipit! Web site, and if you--like me--travel a lot, it could be one of the most useful travel gadgets you carry. And because you wouldn't be robbing an important sign of power, you wouldn't have to risk a run-in with Ivan.

(Via Gizmodo)