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Flat screen shot to death after man loses Facebook bet

A Saints fan tells his Facebook friends they can shoot up his TV if the Saints won. The Saints win, his friends arrive with their guns, and it's all this week's YouTube phenomenon.

Wayne A. Spring might be wishing he had better privacy settings on his Facebook page.

According to the Associated Press, Spring, in an attack of hubris, madness, or merely Saints fandom, told his socially-networking nearest and dearest that they could come and shoot his TV if the Saints beat the Washington Redskins last Sunday.

Yes, I said "beat," because Spring is a longtime, long-suffering fan of one of the NFL's more spirited and unfortunate franchises.

"I was a Saints fan, but used to be they never could win, and I admit I was a fair-weather fan," Spring told the AP.

The Saints won in overtime, 33-30. And as soon as the winning field goal pierced the uprights, Spring's ears were pierced by the sounds of his ringing phone.

Around a dozen equally sane Saints fans turned up with beer and guns. The resulting video has already caused something of a stir on YouTube. So please enjoy the merriment and the fact that Spring, who owns a medical staffing company, will apparently be watching the Saints on a small black-and-white screen this weekend.

Sometimes, it seems, electronics just don't get the respect they deserve.