Flash memory market ignites

The booming demand for memory/storage chips to power cell phones, digital cameras and other gadgets has turned flash memory into the high-tech industry's latest hot zone.


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After years of languishing as a low-profit niche, the market for flash memory--memory/storage devices for cell phone, digital cameras and other portable devices--is taking off, as shown by the new joint venture between SanDisk and Toshiba. Meanwhile, Kodak is thinking beyond the digital camera to put photos on TV.


Portable devices send flash memory industry soaring
Flash memory, which has never been one of the high-tech industry's glamour products, this year will be one of its most important.

SanDisk, Toshiba form new flash memory company
Aiming to capitalize on a worldwide shortage for the type of memory that fuels digital cameras and MP3 players, the companies announce an alliance to manufacture flash memory.

Kodak developing software to put photos on TV
Kodak is partnering with set-top box maker Scientific-Atlanta to develop a program that will allow cable TV subscribers to send and view photographs through their televisions.

Panasonic dives into MP3 flash memory market
The Japanese electronics giant will start selling SD memory card-based products in Japan to cash in on the Internet music boom.