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Flash game FarmVille demoed on Nexus One

Taimur Asad of Redmond Pie shot a video showing the popular Facebook game running on the Android smartphone.

Monday, we wrote about how the HTC Desire's ROM had been hacked into a Nexus One. Aside from Sense UI, one of the added features was Adobe Flash 10.1, which works in the browser to enable Flash content such as videos and games.

Taimur Asad from technology site Redmond Pie shot a video showing the popular Facebook game FarmVille running on the Android smartphone. It appeared to load smoothly, though by his own admission, Asad wasn't quite clued in as to how the game works, which made the demo quite a drag to watch.

If games such as FarmVille can be optimized to work well on mobile devices, the new generation of Android smartphones will potentially have a major one-up over the iPhone. But don't be overly optimistic in the short term as Flash applications are currently largely dependent on mouse controls, which are fundamentally different from tapping on touchscreens. An article in RoughlyDrafted Magazine by an Adobe Flash developer makes a good argument about that point. Click here to read it.

(Source: Crave Asia)