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Five smart ways to handle multiple tabs in Chrome

Tabbed browsing makes life easier, but it can become overwhelming quickly. Fortunately, Chrome has plenty of ways to handle tab overload. Learn how to use them in this blog post by Rob Lightner.

We've all gone one tab over the line and found ourselves lost or frustrated, unable to find that map or article that was so crucial. Tabbed browsing is great, but too many tabs can lead to desperate clicking. Chrome provides quite a few extensions that help manage large groups of tabs. Here are five of the best: 

  • The aptly named TooManyTabs gives you quick access to your tabs through an icon in the top right which lets you know how many tabs you've got open. Click it to bring up a sortable list of tabs with previews of those you've visited since starting the extension. It's easy to find tabs, reopen closed tabs and even export tab sets for use on other machines. 
    TooManyTabs Rob Lightner
  • Tab Menu is extremely simple, which makes it perfect for those who just want to find tabs with minimal fuss. Click on its icon in the upper right at any time to get a vertical list of open tabs in the current window. Select any one of them to switch to it. This is great for those times when you've got so many tabs open that you can't read their titles. 
    Tab Menu
    Tab Menu Rob Lightner
  • TabJump offers an interesting set of options for frequent tabbers. Click on the icon on the address bar to bring up a set of lists: recently closed tabs to reopen, related tabs that the extension thinks are similar to what you're viewing, and frequently used tabs. It takes a little thought to start using, but once it clicks, it's pretty handy. 
    TabJump Rob Lightner
  • If you use multiple windows and prefer a visual guide to your tabs, try Tab Expose. It includes tabs from every window you've got open, and shows a list with thumbnails of the tab contents. Like the rest, it's accessible from the top right, and it shows the number of tabs you've got open. 
    Tab Expose
    Tab Expose Rob Lightner
  • Visual Tabs is also a visual guide to your tabs, but it offers the cover flow style made popular by Apple. Just set your cursor on one side or the other and scroll to zip through open tabs. It can only show you tabs you've already viewed since installing the extension, so you may need to swing through them quickly before breaking it out.
    Visual Tabs
    Visual Tabs Rob Lightner